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CurrencyWorks™ mission comes to life


Cam Chell Start Engine Summit Keynote Introducing Bitrail

CurrencyWorks™ Co-founder and Chairman, Cam Chell announces BitRail at the Start Engine Summit.

FreedomCoin Announcement

FreedomCoin Announcement

FreedomCoin will be utilized by to provide simple trusted transactions to their 4 Million plus users.

KODAKOne Ideation

How the idea for KODAKOne began after meeting with a UK based photo agency.

In the pilot episode of our 7 part vmail™ series, we talk about how the idea for KODAKOne began after meeting with a UK based photo agency.

Disruption & Regulation

COO Michael Blum on Regulation

Whenever you a technological disruption like blockchain and crypto in the industry you have to work with regulators. COO Michael Bloom explains.

CurrencyWorks™ OTCQB Uplisting

CurrencyWorks™ OTCQB Uplisting announcement

We believe that the broader exposure afforded by the OTCQB will raise our visibility within the investment community.

KodakOne to Infringement Protection

KODAKOne: Copyright Infringement Story

Canadian film photographer, Francis A. Willey shares his experience with copyright infringement and discusses how KODAKOne’s Image Rights Management Platform protects photographers work.

Compliance No Compromises

Compliance No Compromises

Regulatory uncertainty has been one of the biggest roadblocks to mainstream crypto adoption. While the laws are still taking shape as the industry continues to evolve, at CurrencyWorks™, we are laser-focused on full compliance, no compromises.

Brands Drive Adoption

Big brands + crypto = a potent formula with staying power

We believe that established brands with loyal followings will drive consumer crypto adoption. That’s why we plan to assist with the design and creation of blockchain economies only with established companies that have already successfully created a market, scaled their business, and grown their community over time. We want the tokens for these established companies to be the most useful ones created, and solve real business problems while improving the customer experience.