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CurrencyWorks builds and operates Digital Currency, Security Token, and Digital Asset fintech platforms.

CurrencyWorks is redefining how companies can increase revenue with digital currencies CurrencyWorks is redefining how companies can create liquidity with security tokens. Currency Works is redefining how companies can digitize and monetize their assets.


CurrencyWorks™ partners with established brands who have large customers bases, follower bases or online communities. Currency Works is a vendor or can do joint ventures to launch and develop branded corporate digital currencies to solve real world problems and create more transactions.

FACT collects topographic data via contactless and nondestructive interferometry, a scanning method designed to measure the surface of 3D structures with pinpoint accuracy. Interferometers merge two or more sources of light to collect patterns – in this case, the depth and detail of an original piece of artwork – collecting millions of points on a physical object and then mapping that object on screen for an up-close visualization.


CurrencyWorks™ helped launch Bitrail, a blockchain payment platform that provides frictionless use of regulated corporate currencies, benefiting both consumers and the eCommerce brands they love. BitRail will provide low-cost and transparent transaction services for corporate currencies seeking to be fully compliant in the US with FINRA, Fin CEN, and state and federal securities regulations. BitRail is completing a ACH integration, money transmitter licensing, and AML/KYC compliant transactions platform for Q1 2019.
Blockchain Payment InfrastructureCameron Chell provides an update on BitRail

In partnership with Eastman Kodak, CurrencyWorks™ is a cofounder of KODAKOne, a blockchain platform for image rights management.

KODAKOne uses their own branded KODAKCoin corporate currency to power a blockchain-based licensing platform and marketplace for photographers that tracks usage, gives creators more control over licensing, and enforces copyright.
KODAKOne UpdateKodak’s CEO on the importance of KODAKOne

FreedomCoin is a regulated cryptocurrency powered by BitRail for merchants that puts the power of payments back into the consumer’s hands. Meant to be used for inexpensive, instant, and secure payments and money transfers, FreedomCoin allows consumers — for the first time — to have access to a cryptocurrency for common transactions with impressive ease-of-use.

sBetOne is developing celebrity-endorsed branded digital currencies, digital wallets and blockchain payment platforms for the regulated US sports betting market. sBetOne’s initial focus will be on celebrity-sponsored golf sports betting and eSports betting properties, making sports betting more socially entertaining for fans and the celebrities / brands they follow.

Leadership Views

The board and management of CurrencyWorks™ are focused on the highest standards of governance, regulatory compliance, and innovations.

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Our team shares insights into branded digital currencies, trending topics and CurrencyWorks™ ’ latest developments.


BitRail Announcement

CurrencyWorks™ Chairman Cameron Chell announces the launch of a bank-integrated blockchain payment rail at the StartEngine Summit in LA.

FreedomCoin Announcement

CurrencyWorks™ announces FeedomCoin

We are excited to bring the over 4.7 million customers GunBroker.com has in its network the ability to buy and sell products with a corporate cryptocurrency and blockchain-enabled infrastructure. This is the one of the first use cases that we’re aware of where a compliant cryptocurrency can truly replace the need for other costly and time-consuming payment options which is something of extreme value to GunBroker’s users. With hundreds of millions of dollars transacted annually on GunBroker.com, this may potentially become the most retail transacted cryptocurrency in the US.

KODAKOne Ideation

How the idea for KODAKOne began after meeting with a UK based photo agency.

In the pilot episode of our 7 part vmail™ series, we talk about how the idea for KODAKOne began after meeting with a UK based photo agency.

Disruption & Regulation

COO Michael Blum on Regulation

Whenever you a technological disruption like blockchain and crypto in the industry you have to work with regulators. COO Michael Bloom explains.

CurrencyWorks™ OTCQB Uplisting

CurrencyWorks™ OTCQB Uplisting Announcement

We believe that the broader exposure afforded by the OTCQB will raise our visibility within the investment community.

KodakOne to Infringement Protection

KODAKOne: Copyright Infringement Story

Canadian film photographer, Francis A. Willey shares his experience with copyright infringement and discusses how KODAKOne’s Image Rights Management Platform protects photographers work.

Compliance No Compromises

Compliance No Compromises

Regulatory uncertainty has been one of the biggest roadblocks to mainstream crypto adoption. While the laws are still taking shape as the industry continues to evolve, at CurrencyWorks™, we are laser-focused on full compliance, no compromises.

Brands Drive Adoption

Big brands + crypto = a potent formula with staying power

We believe that established brands with loyal followings will drive consumer crypto adoption. That’s why we plan to assist with the design and creation of blockchain economies only with established companies that have already successfully created a market, scaled their business, and grown their community over time. We want the tokens for these established companies to be the most useful ones created, and solve real business problems while improving the customer experience.

Press Releases

Our media coverage. Read our media coverage from the beginnings as ICOx Innovations to our new company name CurrencyWorks™

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Investor Relations

CurrencyWorks™ is dual listed in the TSX Venture Exchange CWRK and in the OTC markets CWRK in the United States.