KodakOne (Ryde)

CurrencyWorks partnered with technology and image software behemoth Kodak to build one of the first platforms to generate significant revenue in the blockchain space, forever changing image licensing.


The KodakOne Image Rights Management Platform, a Post Licensing Portal component of the KodakOne platform, created an encrypted, digital ledger of ownership rights, an archival system, and a licensing vehicle for photographers, all with built-in transaction processing.


CurrencyWorks worked closely with Kodak to build the platform in just six weeks in anticipation of a major launch at CES. The ICO resulted in a 44% jump in the company’s stock, and the platform went on to generate more than $1 million in photo licensing claims in the months that followed. The media campaign CurrencyWorks managed for the launch generated 261 media hits and more than 2 billion impressions.

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    KodakOne (Ryde)

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